Mortgage Cup Record: 4-0-0

Senior Vice President- National Production, Cherry Creek Mortgage Company

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Nearly 2 1/2 years ago the talented and loyal team from Hyperion Capital Group, LLC(142 believing souls) moved to Impac Mortgage to assist in putting them back on the map. They DID!!! I had the honor of leading the majority of the sales teams in the country which was in great part supported by that group in Lake Oswego. A group for some that dates back to 1993 and friendships that started in the 80’s. Grateful does not even come close to describing how I feel. Too many memories – so much of my life experienced with these people. I may never fully be able to express my gratitude to all of my colleagues, friends, and partners. I am on to other roads, but will forever have a part of my heart with so many amazing people.