Mortgage Cup Record: 4-4-0

Owner, Top of Mind Networks
Park City, UT

Helping Clients Drive Repeat & Referral Business Since 2003

Park City, Utah

In 2002, Mark Green and his family moved to Atlanta and bought a condo with the intention of learning the area before buying a house and settling down. Six months went by, and the Greens had familiarized themselves with the area and decided that Atlanta’s cozy suburb of Smyrna was the best place for them.

When it came time to apply for a mortgage to buy his new house, Mark couldn’t remember the name of the loan officer who did his last loan. The guy did a great job, got him a great rate, but failed to earn the repeat business simply because Mark didn’t remember him.

So, of course, Mark applied with a new broker and got his loan from a competitor. After telling the new broker the sob story about how he forgot about the last guy, the new broker promised that would not happen with him and that he would keep in touch and always be at the top of his mind.

Of course, that didn’t happen either.

The truth is that most mortgage professionals are too busy to keep up with the day-to-day management of their databases.

Thus, Top of Mind Networks was born.

Founded in 2003, Top of Mind Networks and its Surefire CRM were created with the vision to provide customized, turn-key CRM solutions to the mortgage industry.

Surefire has truly grown into a one-stop shop for mortgage professionals to handle all of their customer relationship management needs. Which, of course, allows mortgage professionals to go out and do what they do best … sell!