Mortgage Cup Record: Rookie

Senior VP | Churchill Mortgage | Team Building Coach
Washington D.C.

Husband, father and imperfect follower of Jesus are probably the descriptions of me that captivate most of my thoughts. Having those things right seems to make everything else fall into place a heck of a lot better. Fortunately I married someone who supports me so completely that keeping things right is so much easier! 

After leaving the US Navy I embarked on a career in the mortgage business with no knowledge of what I was getting into. After over 2 decades I can say the challenges and excitement of this business far surpasses all I experienced flying P-3’s all over the world for the Navy. I’m also more excited about my business and career today than the day I first started. It truly has been a wonderful adventure and life.

Below my name my title says, “Team Building Coach”. I believe everyone needs a coach. If you’re a loan officer in the mortgage business looking for a change…chances are you’re looking for one of 3 things:
– to do more business 
– to do the same/more business in less time 
– to make a real difference for others by how you do that business 

That’s what I coach our team to do.

In my years as a producer I was one of those $100+ million dollar LO’s. For a little more than 5 years my team topped that mark and I was able to do it working part time. 

I believe you’ll need all or most of the following characteristics/beliefs to make things really happen in your business and your life:
– Honesty. Your word must be your bond.
– Coachable.
– A Grateful Heart. 
– Embrace the Hard. Mastery is the Goal. 
– Batteries Included. 
– 1 is Too Small a Number for Greatness. 
– Competitive Spirit
– Life-Long Learner
– Winners Take Responsibility…Losers Blame Others. 

If this resonates with you, I’d love to take a moment and show you how partnering with our team can help you tap into your talent and build a career and team worth having. 

Connect with me: 
Call/text: 703-906-7070