2019 Field Is Set

Cabot Links

This year’s Mortgage Cup will be held at one of the most scenic resorts in the world, Cabot Links in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Here, the nations top mortgage golfers will compete for the 3rd annual Mortgage Cup. 

Will Captain Weller be able to repeat yet again for 3 in a row?  Or, will a young upstart captain bring home the Cup? And, who will that captain be? Who can challenge the only captain to ever hold the Cup?

One thing’s for sure….it will be memorable!

Here’s the 2019 Participants:

John Weller
David Robnett
Mark Green
Mark Klein
Khai McBride
Ryan Shane
Sean McCluskey
Ken Perry
Scott Newman
Scotty Pickle
Tom Blattau
Tim Braheem
Jim Bakhtiar
Don Unger
Mike Hardwick
Jim McQuaig

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